Terms & Conditions

By renewing my certification:

  • I understand that I am required to pay the yearly (annual) renewal fee by June 30th of each year that I am certified.”
  •  I will continue to abide by the CISEC, Inc. Code of Ethics located here to as Exhibit A as an attachment to this renewal form and incorporated herein by reference.
  •  I will continue to perform inspection services in a professional and workmanlike manner and uphold professional standards in relating to the public, to other CISEC and CISEC-IT certified professionals, and to other professionals within the industry.
  •  I understand that I have to accumulate at least 12 Continuing Development Hours (CDHs) within the next year.

Upon renewing my certification, CISEC, Inc. hereby agrees to:
  • Allow me to continue using CISEC initials and number as part of my name and title. Provide notice of ongoing training opportunities within the industry.
    Provide a network of other professionals for technical support and advice.
  • I understand once CISEC, Inc. receives payment for this renewal, it will be effective beginning July 1 of this year and valid through June 30 of the following year. I further understand that CISEC, Inc. has the right to terminate this renewal if I violate these Terms and Conditions, as listed above, and/or the original Agreement I signed upon being designated as a CISEC registrant.