CISEC-IT US Certification Renewal

Before renewing, please verify that you are current and in good standing with CISEC, Inc. by checking our “Find a CISEC” page.  Click on the following link and enter your last name in the search box.  If you do not find your name or have an older expiration date (e.g., 2018), please contact [email protected].

Verify Your CISEC Certification



CISEC-IT Registrant's Full Address

Please fill out the CISEC-IT Registrant's address, phone and email (note: this is NOT the billing address)

Renewal Options

Attendance at Professional Forums

Identify and describe the professional forums you attended (e.g., IECA, StormCon, APWA, etc.), provide proof of registration (e.g., name tag, registration form), and identify the number of attendance hours (maximum of 8 CDHs/yr.).

Attendance at Educational Forums

Identify educational forums you attended (e.g., Inspecting DOT projects, How to Write a SWPPPs, etc.) and provide copies of certificates that clearly illustrate the PDU and/or CEU hours earned (maximum of 8 CDHs/yr.).

Presenting or Publishing Technical Papers

Identify the title, when and where it was presented or published, and provide a copy of the technical paper (maximum of 2 CDHs/yr.).

Other Activities

Describe other activities for which you want CISEC, Inc. to consider as being eligible for CDHs (Maximum of 6 CDHs/yr.) Please list title, date, and hours.

Total CDHs Claimed

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