CISEC, Inc. will be holding its annual elections November, 2020.  

There will be three positions open for elections.

Below you will find Candidate Statements from our three nominees, Troy Ellis, Kenneth Kristoffersen and Zackary Martin.  After reading the statements, please email us your choice at: ONLY CURRENT CISEC, Inc. REGISTRANTS ARE ELIGBLE TO VOTE.

Voting will begin on November 19th and end on November 30th at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.  We will not accept votes after the 30th.  The announcement of the winner will occur on December 1, 2020.

Troy Ellis

Kenneth Kristoffersen

Zackary Martin

A short biographical sketch
My name is Troy Ellis, I have

been with the City of Bryant Stormwater Department for going on four years while also

having over 10 years' experience in the construction field. My current title with the City

of Bryant is Stormwater Coordinator/Stormwater Enforcement Officer. I sit on the

Development Review Committee Board in which it is my sole job to make sure all plans

approved by the City fit the proper Stormwater Development requirements, SWPPP's &

permits. I am also a Board Member of Keep Bryant Beautiful which is a sub chapter of

Keep America Beautiful.

CAL-Storm Compliance, Inc. 2010 to Present

I founded CAL-Storm Compliance in early 2010 to support stormwater compliance under the 2009 California Construction General Permit. CAL-Storm services consist of: SWPPP Development (QSD)(over 120 per-year), Site Inspection Services (QSP) (currently 100 contracts), Stormwater Compliance Training Services (monthly QSP/QSD/CISEC/PDH Classes). Additional services include: SMARTS Permit Filing Assistance, e.g. NOI, ad Hoc, Quarterly, Annual Reports, and NOT, as well as NOV, Notice of Violation resolution services with State & Local Agencies.

Current clients consist of contractors, developers, architects, civil engineers, Cities, Counties and the State of California. SWPPPs developed for California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii.

Clear Water Service, 2002 to 2010

Founding Partner and VP, built company from the ground up with services including SWPPP Development, Inspections, Compliance Training and BMP Installation.

General Physics, 1997 to 2002

Director of Business Development, Western US. Developed technical training and engineering (environmental) solutions across 8 market sectors. Lean, TPM, PSM, RMP, etc.


I have over 25 years in stormwater and water quality experience in (mostly) government service (city, county and state) and several years in private industry (construction and industry / processing). I have been slowly acquiring multiple degrees in the environmental field, to augment my field and technical experience. It is slow going, but I never quit and never give up on my beliefs.  I have seen much in the way of environmental issues turning into a nightmare in the field when basic BMP’s are not followed, thus compounding a simple issue that could have been months prior.  This type of field experience and planning has helped me teach others to “see” this kind of problem well ahead of time.

Also, I currently teach college classes in physical geography, environmental science and biology.  I bring many of my own field experiences as well as what CISEC ethics currently teaches, into my own classroom.  These abstract concepts (e.g. water quality / contamination) teaches them basic understanding but I always find ways to show applicable field scenarios to help them understand it a bit more in depth.

I am one to promote CISEC at every opportunity and spread the need for such certification and training at every level.  Considering that I work for a city department now, as well as teach college courses at multiple campus locations; I am continually spreading the word about CISEC and what it can offer them.


Describe what you have been doing since becoming a CISEC/CAN-CISEC/MY-CISEC registrant
Since becoming a CISEC member I have written the Stormwater Management

Ordinance for the City of Bryant and helped design the Stormwater Management

Manual which is a manual for design criteria. I have completed over 450 hours of

stormwater/construction inspections. I have overseen and been a part of the design

process of over 30 commercial and subdivisions when pertaining to stormwater

infrastructure. I have attended multiple EPA Region 6 Stormwater Conferences and

furthering education courses on Stormwater and CGP education.

CAL-Storm Compliance has been involved in the performance of storm water compliance inspections since the beginning of the 2009 CA CGP. Currently CAL-Storm manages 100+ inspection contracts at any given time, which require a minimum of weekly routine inspections, as well as weather driven inspections, e.g. pre-rain, post-rain, during rain (pH & Turbidity Testing, as well as quarterly non-stormwater. I have personally trained all of the CAL-Storm Inspectors, which include the 16-hour QSP class, as well as the CISEC Review class and exam. As a CISEC instructor, I have had the pleasure of working with Jerry Fifield, Brock Peters, Cal Palmer and Tina Evans, as well as teaching a significant number of public classes solo including two IECA conferences and numerous large private classes, including the County of Orange. I also initiated and taught CISEC’s Online pilot class in September 2020 in response to the COVID 19 Pandemic limitations.

All hands on deck is the standard protocol when there is the potential for rain, or when it actually rains. Within 48 hours of a projected event (50% per NOAA) for pre-rain inspections, as well as within 2 hours

of receiving a ½” rain all sites must be visited. California requires turbidity and pH field testing for ½” with a discharge for Risk Level 2 & 3 sites.


I have been working in the public and private sector since I got my CISEC certification.  I believed in it so much that I was approved to teach CISEC for the last 10 years.  I am looking forward to retiring from one of my city jobs soon and will be able to spend more time helping CISEC on the Board as well as teaching more classes across the nation.

I was on the CISEC Board previously for a number of years and that was very informational and extremely fun for me.  My tenure on the Board was a bit too long and adjustments in timelines needed to be made to help tweak some issues, so I took a break.  I am back to try it again and help where I am needed.


Provide you reasons as to why you want to become a member of the CISEC, Inc. Board of Directors
I want to become a member of CISEC, Inc. Board because I take pride in my work and

believe that I can bring great ideas to the program and its meaning. I am a dedicated

worker and someone that is highly dependable. I have a vast amount of experience with

SWPPP's, the Construction General Permit and Stormwater Inspections.

I have again decided to re-seek an active role on the CISEC Board of Directors. The decision to continue as a Board Member is based on my sincere belief that through Board participation, I can have an active role in improving the future of storm water compliance training. The CISEC program and supporting materials, as well as the professional philosophy and approach taken by various Board members and instructors, past and present, have influenced my decision to remain engaged.

I believe that certain organizations have squandered their opportunity to develop qualified inspectors. On the other hand, CISEC’s continued commitment to not only maintain, but constantly improve its training program is a clear indication of an industry leader in the development of qualified inspection professionals.

I believe that my background in Storm Water Compliance, as well as my experience and education in training and development will continue to contribute to the program and ensure that it remains robust and relevant. In the ever-evolving compliance environment, it is my hope that active participation on the Board will help ensure that the program grows and adapts to meet the challenges of a constantly changing market. Additional skills and experience include over 20 years of sales and marketing management related to technical (engineering) services and training.


I wish to continue my tenure on the Board, especially now that there are new members on the Board, with (hopefully) new ideas moving forward.

I see a lot of “money grab” certifications out there in the environmental world and that lessens the quality of what CISEC has to offer. I find that with aggressive marketing and outreach (which I am a firm believer), will help us make a stronger stand moving forward. The competition to be seen as the highest quality environmental certification is becoming harder and harder.

I have currently started a Ph.D. in Geographical Education and I hope to use that unique knowledge and mindset to help bolster CISEC to a new level.  Many topics that I have learned thus far, have a uniquely multidisciplinary approach.  Of course, many of these topics apply to K-12 and college level approaches, however, these same concepts can easily be applied to many types of situations.  I believe that CISEC could benefit from these lessons and ideas to help us tweak our forward movement.


Election Agenda for 2020:

  • September 9, 2020: Nomination Forms Available, see above for link---Done!
  • October 9, 2020: Nominations Due---Done!
  • November 9, 2020: Candidate Statements Due---Done!
  • November 19, 2020: Voting Open (completed via email)
  • November 30, 2020: Voting Closed
  • December 1, 2020: Announcement of Winner

Information about the Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors consists of a maximum of nine CISEC, CAN-CISEC and/or MY-CISEC registrants each of who serve for a three year term. They provide leadership and take responsibility for the management of our non-profit organization.

The Board of Directors holds monthly telephone/zoom meetings and conducts an annual meeting each year at the StormCon conference. A Board of Director is required to attend at least 75% of the regularly scheduled Board meetings during their 3-year term.

We encourage qualified candidates to participate in this important 2020 election. It is in this manner that CISEC, Inc. will continue to be the most professional worldwide sediment and erosion control inspector certification program available.

If you have any questions , please contact us at .