Manual Downloads – Canada

Below is the information to download the manual used with the In-Person training (not used with the On-Line recorded training, go HERE for that manual).

Information for Downloading the CISEC Training Manual
  • The manual is in PDF format and can be downloaded by Adobe Reader.
  • If printing the manual, we recommend your printer be at the following settings:
  1. Print: ALL
  2. Size Option: FIT
  • Number of pages:
  1. Single sided: 238
  2. Double sided: 119
  • Drawings that appear in the Rules and Regulations and Conducting Construction Site Inspections modules can be printed in 11” x 17” format.
  • Please note that the course registration fee includes a hard-copy of the training manual. Participants will not be refunded should they choose to print off their own copy, from this website, prior to the course.

2018 Canadian CISEC Training Manual V6(.pdf)

Study Guide

This study guide will help you prepare for the 3½-hour nationwide Canadian CISEC certification exam. It is meant only to be a guide and CISEC, Inc. does not make any claim that it represents everything covered in the examination since questions exist that can only be answered by gaining field experience.