Canadian Classes & Examinations Information

Classes and examinations Information:

Live Webinar Four Modules Training:

CISEC, Inc. is offering our Live Webinar Training covering the Four Training Modules multiple times during the year.  Currently we do not have our next live webinar scheduled, we update this page at the beginning of each month.

Module 4 Live Webinar Training:

Would you like a short refresher training or need PDHs?  We are offering Module 4: Conducting Construction Site Inspections in a Live Webinar on the third day of our Live Webinar Training.  Our next session will be on February 3, 2022.  Click HERE to access information on the Module 4 Live Webinar.

On-Line Recorded Training:

CISEC, Inc. and IECA have teamed together to develop a CAN-CISEC Inspector Recorded On-Line Training Program that emulates the existing In-Person program. Now, the nationwide CAN-CISEC Training Modules for inspectors of sediment and erosion control and storm water management are available anytime and anywhere through IECA.

Information about the On-Line Recorded Training Modules can be found at this LINK.  Also, enrollment into the CAN-CISEC Recorded On-Line training modules is a simple task by going to and following the easy instructions.

Certification Examinations:

Please refer to the following LINK for information regarding On-Line Certification Examinations.

Please contact us at [email protected] for more information and how to sign up.