Who is CISEC?

Mission Statement

To provide an inspector certification program for individuals that:

  • Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge in the principles and practices of controlling sediment and erosion and other storm water pollutants and their applicability to discharge permit documents,
  • Demonstrate the necessary skills to observe onsite and offsite conditions that impact the quality of storm water discharges from active construction sites,
  • Demonstrate the ability to inspect installed best management practices and their ongoing maintenance to determine if the mitigation measures will minimize the discharge of sediment and other pollutants from active construction sites,
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate and report on their inspection of active construction sites as to whether storm water management compliance issues associated with water quality may exist with federal, state and/or local discharge permit regulations.

Observe, Inspect, and Report on What You Find. Avoid Mandating Your Requirements.

Code of Ethics

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History of CISEC

At the July 2005 StormCon Conference in Orlando Florida, the Certified Inspector of Sediment and Erosion Control (CISEC) nationwide program was born with a presentation to inspectors, contractors, designers, and regulatory personnel about the need for a certifying program specifically for construction site inspectors of sediment and erosion control measures.

By the July 2006 StormCon Conference in Denver, Colorado, CISEC Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit organization and was well underway in developing inspector training module materials and formulating its nationwide certification examination. Specific topics for the training modules include addressing EPA’s Construction General Permit criteria, inspecting Best Management Practices, providing report-writing guidelines, identifying basic background information, and conducting a “virtual” inspection of a construction site. In addition, Beta testing of a certification examination was initiated.

In November 7, 2006, CISEC, Inc. presented its first training modules followed by administrating its first certification examination. Today, individuals continue to take the one-day or one and one-half day construction site inspector training modules on sediment and erosion control. In addition, the number of CISEC registrants continues to grow each month.

In summary, the nationwide CISEC program continues to prove its success and professionalism by leading the nation in certifying inspectors of sediment and erosion control on construction sites.

See the CISEC, Inc. article in
January-February 2007, Volume 14, Number 1,

The CISEC Program From NOI to NOT
by Christie Lowe and Jerald S. Fifield.

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Board of Directors:

Tina R. Evans, P.E.
CISEC #0095

John Balobeck,
CISEC #0200

Yolanda Leal
CISEC #0449

Calvin Palmer
CISEC #0439


Zackary Martin, M. A. Geo, CPESC
CISEC #0201

Brock Peters,
CISEC #0026

Ken Kristoffersen, CPESC
CISEC #0507

Josh Downey, CISEC
CISEC #0031

Past Directors:

Carlo Turchiano (Beginning - September 2012)
CISEC #0009

Joe Crea, CPESC, CPSWQ (Beginning - December 2013)
CISEC #0007

Paul Taylor, P.E. (Beginning - September 2015)
CISEC #0008

Jeanne Duarte, CPESC
CISEC #0160

Marc Mastronardi, P.E., CPESC, CPSWQ
CISEC #0259

Jerald Fifield, Ph.D. (Past President (2014-2016), Past Director: Beginning - September 2015)
CISEC #0006

Mike Alberson, CPESC  (August 2016 - November 2016)
CISEC #0405

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Incorporation Documents and Bylaws:

CISEC, Inc. Bylaws

CISEC Certification and Renewal Policy--Upcoming

CISEC-IT Registration Policy

Scholarship Policy

Marketing Committee Description

Emeritus Policy

Cell Phone Policy--Upcoming

Document Management Policy

Disability Rights Law Policy

Incorporation Documents (Colorado, March 2007)

Dissolution Documents (South Dakota, April 2008)

Incorporation Documents (South Dakota, August 2006)






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Phone: (720) 235-2783
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