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CISEC and CAN-CISEC Definition and Qualifications

CISEC-IT Definition and Qualifications



Who is a CISEC or CAN-CISEC?

A Certified Inspector of Sediment and Erosion Control (CISEC) or Canadian Certified Inspector of Sediment and Erosion Control (CAN-CISEC) is one who has demonstrated his or her proficiency in observing, inspecting, and reporting on the implementation of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs), for US Applicants, or Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) Report and Plan, for Canadian Applicants.



An applicant becoming a CISEC or CAN-CISEC will have the following background:

  • A complete understanding about sediment and erosion processes and how the discharge of pollutants associated with construction activities may impact the environment.
  • For the US Applicants, the ability to meet EPA’s requirements for a qualified inspector and an understanding of federal regulations associated with the NPDES discharge permit.
  • For the Canadian Applicants, the ability to understand the Federal Legislation, including but not limited to the Fisheries Act, Canadian Environmental Protection Act, etc.
  • Ability to read and understand construction site SWPPPs or ESC Reports and able to fully comprehend accompanying sediment and erosion control drawings.
  • Two or more years of construction site field experience involving sediment and erosion control and/or stormwater pollution prevention inspections.
  • The ability to communicate and write accurate inspection reports. Applicants are expected to have inspection skills in one or more of the following types of construction projects:
    • Large land development,
    • Linear (e.g., roadway, pipeline),
    • Vertical (e.g., town homes, single family residence),
    • Big box (e.g., commercial buildings).

Applicant’s skills will be determined through testing and training provided by the CISEC and CAN-CISEC certification programs, which is designed for achieving proficiency in the process of inspecting construction sites.

Applicant Evaluation

Applicants must have the following qualifications to take the CISEC or CAN-CISEC examination:

  • Two or more years of sediment and erosion control construction site inspection experience and/or storm water pollution prevention field experience and prior classes in sediment and erosion control, as proven by documentation and references.
  • One criterion CISEC, Inc. evaluates is whether applicants have kept current with courses associated with sediment and erosion control and/or storm water pollution prevention. CISEC, Inc. requires, at minimum, at least one prior class and/or training associated with sediment and erosion control and/or storm water pollution prevention practices. These classes or training can be related to inspection, design, review, installation, and/or maintenance. If you have any questions on whether classes or training will be accepted or not, please contact us.

Each application will be reviewed to determine if minimum requirements for inspector certification has been acquired. The application will address the background and field experience of an applicant and must include three references from industry peers. Within 21 days after CISEC Inc. receives a complete application packet (including material from three references), the applicant will be informed of their eligibility for CISEC or CAN-CISEC testing.


To achieve certified inspector status, an applicant must pass a written examination with a grade of 75% or higher. Each applicant will be notified of his or her grade a minimum of 45 days after completing the examination.






US CISEC In-Training (IT) Program

In order to foster the professional development of individuals having less than two years of construction site sediment and erosion control inspection experience or education to become a CISEC registrant, applicants can apply for the “In Training” (IT) program to gain a CISEC-IT designation.  

A CISEC-IT registrant is an individual recognized by CISEC, Inc. as working toward becoming a CISEC registrant.  All CISEC-IT registrants are expected to work with other inspection professionals to gain “knowledge and field experience” associated with conducting sediment and erosion control and/or storm water management construction site inspection services. 

Level 1 Registration:

To obtain a CISEC-IT registration status, applicants must complete the following:
  1. Submit the required registration form and non-refundable IT Level 1 fee.  These forms can be found as part of the Application Packet found on the US Training and Examination Menu
  2. Attend the full (i.e., four) sessions of In-Person or On-Line CISEC training modules.
  3. Pass with a weighted average score of 75% or better in the following parts of the CISEC Certification Examination:
    a.  EPA Requirements Applicable to Inspectors
    b.  BMPs/Pollutants

Upon passing the Level 1 examination, the registrant is granted a CISEC-IT designation.  Registrants not passing the Level 1 examination can retake the test up to two additional times within 12 months. 

Level 2 Application:

To petition for a CISEC registration status:

A CISEC-IT registrant has 4-years to gain the necessary inspection experience and/or education to submit a Level 2 application.  A Level 2 application is a petition to CISEC, Inc. to change an applicant’s CISEC-IT designation to an official CISEC designation by completing the following:

  1. Submitting an application form that includes verifiable documentation of:
    a.  Two-years inspection experience and
    b.  One or more classes or training sessions in topics that are related to construction site inspection, design, review, installation, and/or maintenance that have been completed within the last four years. 
  2. Pay an Level 2 non-refundable application review fee.
  3. Upon approval by CISEC, Inc., sit for, and pass with a weighted average score of 75% or better, the following parts of the CISEC Certification Examination:
    a.  Inspector Duties
    b.  Fill in the Blanks
    c.  Inspecting Construction Site BMPs (Photographs)
    d.  Assessing a SWPPP

Upon passing the Level 2 examination, the applicant is granted a CISEC designation.  Applicants not passing the Level 2 examination can retake the test two additional times within 12 months.

To maintain their designation status with CISEC, Inc., all CISEC-IT registrants are expected to pay the same annual (and if applicable, late and reinstatement) fees as required of CISEC registrants. 

Requirements for the CISEC-IT program are subject to periodic changes by CISEC, Inc.


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