US CISEC In-Training (IT) (Level 1) and Level 2 Programs

In order to foster the professional development of individuals having less than two years of construction site sediment and erosion control inspection experience or education to become a CISEC registrant, applicants can apply for the “In-Training” (IT) program to gain a CISEC-IT designation.  

A CISEC-IT registrant is an individual recognized by CISEC, Inc. as working toward becoming a CISEC registrant.  All CISEC-IT registrants are expected to work with other inspection professionals to gain “knowledge and field experience” associated with conducting sediment and erosion control and/or storm water management construction site inspection services. 

Level 1 Registration:

To obtain a CISEC-IT registration status, applicants must complete the following:
  1. Submit the required registration form and non-refundable IT Level 1 fee.  These forms can be found as part of the Application Packet found on the US Training and Examination Menu
  2. Attend the full (i.e., four) sessions of In-Person or On-Line CISEC training modules (see above link for locations).
  3. Pass with a weighted average score of 75% or better in the following parts of the CISEC Certification Examination:
    a.  EPA Requirements Applicable to Inspectors
    b.  BMPs/Pollutants

Upon passing the Level 1 examination, the registrant is granted a CISEC-IT designation.  Registrants not passing the Level 1 examination can retake the test up to two additional times within 12 months. 

Level 2 Application:

To petition for a CISEC registration status:

A CISEC-IT registrant has 4-years to gain the necessary inspection experience and/or education to submit a Level 2 application.   A Level 2 application is a petition to CISEC, Inc. to change an applicant’s CISEC-IT designation to an official CISEC designation by completing the following:

  1. Submitting an application form (see links below) that includes verifiable documentation of:
    a.  Two-years inspection experience and
    b.  One or more classes or training sessions in topics that are related to construction site inspection, design, review, installation, and/or maintenance that have been completed within the last four years. 
  2. Pay an Level 2 non-refundable application review fee.
  3. Upon approval by CISEC, Inc., sit for, and pass with a weighted average score of 75% or better, the following parts of the CISEC Certification Examination:
    a.  Inspector Duties
    b.  Fill in the Blanks
    c.  Inspecting Construction Site BMPs (Photographs)
    d.  Assessing a SWPPP

An applicant can attend an examination at an upcoming existing session (US Training and Examination Menu) or have it proctored locally (US Proctoring).

Upon passing the Level 2 examination, the applicant is granted a CISEC designation.  Applicants not passing the Level 2 examination can retake the test two additional times within 12 months.

To maintain their designation status with CISEC, Inc., all CISEC-IT registrants are expected to pay the same annual (and if applicable, late and reinstatement) fees as required of CISEC registrants. 

Requirements for the CISEC-IT program are subject to periodic changes by CISEC, Inc.


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