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Information for Downloading the CISEC Training Manual for the 2012 CGP (with the 2017 updated information in parentheses).

  • The manual is in PDF format and can be downloaded by Adobe Reader.
  • If printing the manual, we recommend your printer be at the following settings:
  1. Print: ALL
  2. Size Option: FIT
  • Number of pages:
  1. Single sided: 290 (310)
  2. Double sided: 145 (155)
  • Drawings that appear in the EPA Rules and Regulations and Conducting Construction Site Inspections modules can be printed in 11” x 17” format. However, instructors will provide 11” x 17” drawings during the class for those that download the manual.

June 2014 CISEC Training Manual (.pdf) ---2012 CGP  Use this if going through the On-Line Training Modules through IECA or completing a Retake.

(July 2017 CISEC Training Manual (.pdf)) ---2017 CGP  Use this if attending a live Training Module class from August 2017 on.

June 2014 and July 2017  11" x 17" Drawings (.pdf)

If you wish to order a hard copy of the Manual and/or 11" x 17" Drawings, please fill out and submit this Payment Form.

Study Guide

This study guide will help you prepare for the 3½-hour nationwide CISEC certification exam. It is meant only to be a guide and CISEC, Inc. does not make any claim that it represents everything covered in the examination since questions exist that can only be answered by gaining field experience.


Module 1: EPA Rules and Regulations

The purpose of this module is to ensure inspectors understand EPA and the Clean Water Act (CWA) requirements and how they are applicable to inspections. Participants will evaluate EPA’s 2012 (2017) construction general permit as it applies to the duties of inspectors. Participants will also evaluate SWPPP details so that participants understand what they must do to meet federal compliance criteria.
Items for this module will include (but not limited to):

Clean Water Act

NPDES 2012 General Permit:

  1. Permittee and Designer Obligations and Requirements
  2. Inspector Obligations and Requirements
  3. Corrective Action Requirements
  4. Training Requirements
  5. Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Requirements 

Classroom Example SWPPP and S&EC Drawings


Module 2: Background of an Inspector

In this module, participants will learn the importance of what is recommended for an inspector's background and how this will help them keep a site in compliance with EPA requirements. In addition, participants will see how assessing past experiences will improve the inspection process.
Items for this Module will include (but not limited to):

Definitions: Sediment vs. Erosion

Topographic Assessments: Reading a map

Hydrology: Hydrographs and sedigraphs

Polymers: Anionic vs. cationic

Ethics: CISEC’s Code


Module 3: BMPs:

This module will provide the necessary tools for inspecting BMPs found on land development, vertical/big box construction, and linear projects. Participants will learn about inspecting installed sediment and erosion control measures, whether the BMPs are functioning in a correct manner, and assess BMP limitations. In addition, information will be provided on inspecting storage areas where potential pollution problems may occur and assessing whether new BMPs need to be added or whether existing structures can be removed.
Items for this Module will include (but not limited to):

Writing Inspection and Corrective Action Reports

Inspecting Commonly Found BMPs on Construction Sites:

  1. Barriers
  2. Sediment Containment Systems
  3. Erosion Control BMPs

Inspecting Other Important BMPs:

  1. Stabilized Construction Entrances
  2. Polymer Systems
  3. Wind Erosion BMPs
  4. Concrete Washouts
  5. Hazardous Waste Sites


Module 4: Conducting Construction Site Inspections

This module covers the basic duties of an inspector by conducting a “virtual” tour of a construction site. Participants will reinforce their role and responsibilities as inspectors to meet EPA Phase I and Phase II requirements. The module will include “hands-on” exercises on documenting, communicating, reading SWPPPs and S&EC plans, writing reports, interacting with fellow participants, and assessing what to look for on a construction site.
Items for this Module will include (but not limited to):

Inspection Requirements

Inspection Reports

Conducting “Virtual” Site Inspections:

  1. Before Construction and During Grading
  2. During Construction


The following is the EPA's Construction General Permit (CGP) and a sample Inspection Form used in the training modules.

2012 EPA CGP

Sample Inspection Form



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